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Fear of the Dark

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Fear of the Dark: Unveiling the Inner Journey

Fear of Dark
Fear of Dark - Children

From the moment we are born, our human existence is intertwined with innate intuition and a profound connection to nature. In our earliest days, we are deeply linked to the maternal energy that nurtures us. Guided by intuition, we absorb experiences without the need for conscious thought. However, as we mature, we gradually disconnect from this primal connection. We begin to adopt rules, overanalyse, mimic our parents, and imitate societal models.

Simultaneously, a significant internal shift takes place as we age - the formation of our ego. Around the ages of three or four, our ego begins to emerge. Remarkably, this is also the period when the initial traces of nyctophobia, the fear of darkness, make their appearance.

As adults and parents, our immediate response to a child's declaration of fearing the dark is to offer reassurance. We point out that there's nothing to be afraid of, that the room is devoid of any threats. We often interpret this as the child's active imagination and consider the complaint to be overly direct. Yet, we fail to grasp that a child perceives the world symbolically, not literally.

At the heart of it, a child is confronting the darkness within their own soul. Initially connected to the divine essence, a child senses light and energy. Over time, disconnection ensues, and around the age of three or four, many children begin to sense the presence of darkness. This internal process is subtle, hidden beneath the surface. It's during this juncture that parents should consider seeking psychological assistance, and ideally, embark on their personal development journeys. By reducing stressors for the child and dismantling restrictive rules that sever the child's connection with the universe, parents can provide the child with an environment conducive to growth. Facilitating opportunities for the child to reconnect and explore the innate resources they bring into the world is also vital.

The potential of our children is vastly underestimated until we permit them to explore, observe, and learn about the world around them. The next time you encounter a child expressing fear of the dark, recognize it as a plea for help, an avenue to reclaim their energy source. Extend a chance for the child to return to that source, for in doing so, you guide them on a transformative journey within.

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