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Physical and Mental Health 

Аля Милушева Психолог Personal Coach All I AM

Individual Psychology 

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83A Gueshevo Str., Sofia

tel. +359 888 146 446

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All I Am Services

We live with a sense of general wellbeing. To achieve it in our lives we strive for balance and beauty in all aspects of life:


 - Mental Health - All I AM 100% Individual Psychology Approach Discover Define Design helps people to overcome any personal, emotional and psychological obstacles. 

Allia Miloucheva is a leading Psychologist and Life Coach. Find balance and harmony inside in our soul, in the world outside, and in the family.

All I Am Signature Psychology Discover Define Design.  


- Elina Reformer - sport benefits both physical and mental health. With the innovative technology we have chosen, exercise becomes leisure for you.

We see Reformer Pilates by Elina as the sport which best connects body and mind. In order to be healthy we have to become one whole piece.

ALL I AM e официален представител на Elina Reformer Pilates.

Elina Реформър Пилатес са подходящи както за домашна употреба, така и за частни пилатес студия, фитнеси, хотели, спа центрове, центрове за рехабилитация и други.

За повече информация тел. +359888146446

Reformer Pilates
Ванеса 16
All I AM

A:   83A Gueshevo Str.,

1379 Sofia, Bulgaria

T:  +359 888 146 446

Elina Reforme Pilates
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