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About All I Am

Discover your innerself!

Define your goals!

Design your life!

We believe that everyone of us is unique and exceptional, and with some work you would be able to use better your potential.

We believe in investing time to understand your needs, and to:

*Discover, who you really are

*Define your resources and use them more rationally

*Design a suitable structure for your daily life


Master the past, live now, be prepared for the future and use your full potential!

All I Am Story

We are family.

We are raising five children.

We play, learn and experience life together.

We live and work in balance!

Allia Miloucheva is a leading psychologist at All I Am, creative entrepreneur, lifestyle advisor and designer. She invest time to research the invisible loyalties in the family and specialises in Family Business Life Cycle Psychology.

Boyan Garchev is an engineer. He is car, technology and sport inspired.

He always says: “My life belongs to me! Therefore I will live it as my wife tells me to!”

We balance one another through the harmony between husband and wife to grow a lifestyle worth living.

A balanced vision of an abundant world.

We conduct our shared lives through a manifestation of our belief. To us this is balance: live between creativity and rational pursuit, professional and personal life, mental and physical health. All of our products and services need to connect left and right hemisphere, creativity with mind, structure and stability with brightness and playfulness.

Our core values are familial and holistic health-driven.  

Meet All I Am Team

All I Am Partners

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