Discover your innerself!  ​Define your goals!

Design your life!

I am here to be next to you in your inner transformational journey. 

I believe that everyone of us is unique and exceptional, and with some work we would be able to use better our potential.

I believe in investing time to understand your needs, and to:

*Know better, who you are

*Design a suitable structure for your daily life,  examine your resources and use them more rationally.


Master the past, live now, be prepared for the future and use your full potential!


Therapist, life-coach

Everything happens for a reason!

I am Allia Miloucheva and when I write my initials I come up with a personal approach, which best describes my method:


I am naturally predisposed to understanding people and behaviour: to me the manifestation of their being shines through their impulses, intentions and reasoning. I am quite partial to observing and interacting with people. In my line of work I encounter men and women with complex destinies. I possess the strength to lead them through tough existential periods and in the process help create new vision for their future life.
I have the ability to see the big picture and construct a plan for any upcoming events, but then I also mind all tiny details. Switching between the big and the small picture is a skill I really enjoy. I find deceivingly trivial details to be extremely important and strongly believe sometimes they are the cause why our lives go wrong. I am able to find imperfection in seemingly understated facts and I am able to see how they grow to infect human destinies.
The calmness in my character and the focus I possess help me wait exactly the appropriate amount of time for things to manifest. Impeccable timing is an incredible trait – life events flow at their own pace and we needn’t force them. I feel that people need to proceed exactly on a specific time frame, neither before, nor after – but exactly when it is right to take advantage of an opportunity.
Balance and nature are also divine, they inspire me. Our world surrounds us in a perfect equilibrium and I find the same stability in the development of a person’s character. All we are missing in our personality we are trying to compensate. It is extremely fascinating to me to observe the way we, as people, build our identity.
Life gifted me three incredible children, two girls and a boy, and they teach me every single day what existence is all about. By raising them I understand the differences in our nature, the reason for our individuality, personal growth and the meaning of being.