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The Squirrel Model

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The squirrel holds various symbolic models of behaviour across different cultures and contexts. Here are a few interpretations:

November Growth
The Squirrel Model

Preparation and Resourcefulness:

- Squirrels are known for their diligent gathering of nuts and seeds, which they store for later use. As a symbol, they represent the importance of preparation, frugality, and resourcefulness.


- Squirrels are agile and adaptable creatures. They can navigate different terrains with ease, symbolizing the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and environments.

Energy and Vitality:

- Squirrels are often seen as energetic and lively animals, constantly in motion. They symbolize vitality, activity, and a zest for life.

Thrifty Planning:

- The act of squirrels burying nuts and creating stashes symbolizes the value of thriftiness and careful planning. They teach us to be mindful of the future and to save for rainy days.

Preparation for Winter:

- Squirrels are known for their diligent efforts to gather food in preparation for the winter months when food may be scarce. This behavior is symbolic of foresight and the importance of planning for the future.

Playfulness and Curiosity:

- Squirrels are often seen engaging in playful behavior and exploring their surroundings. This can be a symbol of embracing curiosity, enjoying life, and finding joy in the simple pleasures.

Balance and Harmony:

- In some cultures, the squirrel is seen as a symbol of balance and harmony in nature. They are seen as creatures that coexist with their environment in a mutually beneficial way.

Resourcefulness in Problem-Solving:

- Squirrels are known for their creative problem-solving skills, finding innovative ways to access food and navigate obstacles. This can be a symbol of ingenuity and adaptability in the face of challenges.

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